About us

Who we are.
Discover the Swedish innovative pioneer tech company, that create vehicle models and prototypes for the mobility of tomorrow.

Deaptech Solutions AB is based in the Swedish cultural heart of Dalecarlia, where we merge the primary factors of development, manufacturing and customer demands together, to execute unique projects with results that takes us all closer to the future or our dreams.

Our idea.
With our ability to combine knowledge, experience, revolutionary products and a futuristic mindset, we are and will be, a part of the future and coming technologies that will change the infrastructure and vehicles that we know today.

With our inventive and evolving solutions within the automotive technology, we get the world moving.

By offering everything from software, through electronics, to engineering and production, all under one roof, we are able to realize the projects that once where unthinkable.

Our staff
The company consist exclusively of headhunted staff with a very extensive experience within areas such as vehicle prototypes, product development, advanced vehicle adaptation, drive-by-wire technology, motorsport development and prototype engineering.

To become the company we are, and to be able to keep the pace of the world technology of today, we need to have the very best engineers in our team.

Our projects and the technology is important for our business, but one of our foundation cornerstones is to have a staff in constant personal development, with a true strive to continue being a part of the big change in mobility that are happening around us at this moment.

We are constantly looking for challenging projects and talented staff. We are always interested in hiring people with the right mindset and ambition. So, feel free to contact us if you think you’re the right person for us.

Our strength
Deaptech Solutions is a fast and flexible organisation with access to the latest technology, and the knowledge to use it.

Our projects are all unique, and we offer highly individual software and hardware solutions for complex applications such as technology for semi-automated or fully automated driving.

For us, one of the keys to success, is that everyone within a project is involved and personally engaged. We don’t see the projects as something we deliver to our customers, we see it like a journey we do together with our partners, to achieve the perfection and development we together aim for.

What we do

You can find out what we do by our name Deaptech Solution. Deaptech Solution is an abbreviation of developed appropriate technical solutions. And that is what we do.

Our project partners include anyone from anonymous high-tech startups, advertising agencies, small innovative enterprises and universities as well as leading companies within the automotive industry.

We are proud to work with various national and international partners within the area of automated and semi-automated driving.

We have an impressive in-house capacity with functions from software, through electronics to engineering and production – all under one roof.

We are providing the drive and steering system of tomorrow for the automotive industry.

We help companies to focus their resources on their core area when they need to outsource the project-parts where they don’t have the expertise; to become quicker, more flexible and more cost effective.

Both we and our partners place great value on discretion and confidentiality. This is the reason why we cannot and do not wish to pass on information regarding individual projects to any third parties.

We help startups that may lack some knowledge, experience and resources in areas not directly connected to their business.

We help big organizations that struggle with cross-functionality between different divisions and slow internal processes, to reach their goals quicker and more cost effective.

Are you planning to build a prototype, a demo vehicle or an experimental vehicle for semi-automated or fully automated driving, then we are the ones to partner up with.

Thanks to our highly modern and flexible engineering product range, including production processes such as CNC, laser cutting, CAD, 3D printing, carbon fiber construction and data simulation we are able to create your project from scratch.

With an history of over 20 years in customized vehicle construction, and 10 years of experience with Drive by Wire, you can certainly rely on us. Highly qualified staff are on hand to help you from the project planning stage, through to the final process of equipping the vehicle with our Drive by Wire system.


Deaptech Solution work within a broad segment of prototype construction, and at all various state in the process of prototype production.

We offer everything from CAD-drawing services, to complete autonomous prototype vehicles, all based on our partners specifications and needs.

We produce prototypes, test-vehicles, demo/show-equipment and complete commercial installations within the range of driverless/autonomous test-systems, automotive-, industrial and military-vehicles.

Via various interfaces such as CAN, LIN and Flexray we are enabled to access and integrate systems and functions with the OEM vehicle electronics.

We combine and cross-integrate systems such as DbW, lidar, radar, IR, GPS, LTE, GNSS, CAN and network interfaces. Deaptech Solution is your partner to team up with to build and test your ideas, build your prototype, try your small series production and prepare for big scale production.

Drive by Wire

Drive by wire, DbW, by-wire, Steer-by-wire, or x-by-wire technology in the automotive industry, is the use of electrical or electro-mechanical systems for performing vehicle functions traditionally achieved by mechanical linkages. This technology replaces the traditional mechanical control systems with electronic control systems using electromechanical actuators and human-machine interfaces such as pedal and steering feel emulators.

We provide fully-developed DbW technology, tried, tested, certified and ready for immediate use. There is a wide variety of versions of this intelligent drive-by-wire technology at your disposal.

All components are tested to ECE-R 13, ECE-R 79 and ECE-R 10. The system is also certified according to ISO 26262 ASIL D and manufactured according to the highest quality level: IPC-A-600 class 3. The system is approved for the international vehicle categories M1, M2, M3, N1, N2, N3. 

Active multiple redundancy applies to all components, which ensures that the roadworthiness of your individual DbW configuration is always guaranteed.

On custom orders we offer per request entire prototypes with integrated advanced laser, camera and radar sensors for semi- or fully autonomous driving.

The Drive by Wire technology offer additional advantages that will not only radically change automated driving, but also the driving and infrastructure of the future.

Vehicle controls via joystick, GPS, computer, smartphone, apps or from a remote location is no longer science fiction, but reality.

Autonomous vehicles

A vehicle is defined autonomous when it is capable of sensing its environment, and in relation to that, operate and manoeuvre with little or no human input.

Today a lot of research and development is focused on the autonomous vehicles, as this is a pioneer technology that will change the use of vehicles, our infrastructure, and our way of entitling transportation.

But the use of autonomous vehicles extends far out from the everyday vehicles that we all use today, and only the mind will be the limit for the infinite number of different applications where the technology can be used.

The technology enables the use of vehicles within dangerous situations and environments. The driver can control the vehicle from the outside, or even from a remote destination.

Thanks to the Drive by Wire technology and the installation of additional sensor systems, even semi-autonomous or completely autonomous driving is no longer a futuristic vision.

Vehicles can now manage to drive fully automatically in traffic; avoiding people, stopping at traffic lights or parking without any help whatsoever. This is without question the revolution that is going to hit the automotive industry.

We offer individual retrofitting sets for semi or fully automated driving for prototypes, experimental vehicles or other vehicles from the automotive industry, for example agricultural sector, mining industry or even the defence sector. We can provid combined packages consisting of sensors, robotics, software and the drive-by-wire system.