What we do

You can find out what we do by our name Deaptech Solution. Deaptech Solution is an abbreviation of developed appropriate technical solutions. And that is what we do.

Our project partners include anyone from anonymous high-tech startups, advertising agencies, small innovative enterprises and universities as well as leading companies within the automotive industry.

We are proud to work with various national and international partners within the area of automated and semi-automated driving.

We have an impressive in-house capacity with functions from software, through electronics to engineering and production – all under one roof.

We are providing the drive and steering system of tomorrow for the automotive industry.

We help companies to focus their resources on their core area when they need to outsource the project-parts where they don’t have the expertise; to become quicker, more flexible and more cost effective.

Both we and our partners place great value on discretion and confidentiality. This is the reason why we cannot and do not wish to pass on information regarding individual projects to any third parties.

We help startups that may lack some knowledge, experience and resources in areas not directly connected to their business.

We help big organizations that struggle with cross-functionality between different divisions and slow internal processes, to reach their goals quicker and more cost effective.

Are you planning to build a prototype, a demo vehicle or an experimental vehicle for semi-automated or fully automated driving, then we are the ones to partner up with.

Thanks to our highly modern and flexible engineering product range, including production processes such as CNC, laser cutting, CAD, 3D printing, carbon fiber construction and data simulation we are able to create your project from scratch.

With an history of over 20 years in customized vehicle construction, and 10 years of experience with Drive by Wire, you can certainly rely on us. Highly qualified staff are on hand to help you from the project planning stage, through to the final process of equipping the vehicle with our Drive by Wire system.