Drive by Wire

Drive by wire, DbW, by-wire, Steer-by-wire, or x-by-wire technology in the automotive industry, is the use of electrical or electro-mechanical systems for performing vehicle functions traditionally achieved by mechanical linkages. This technology replaces the traditional mechanical control systems with electronic control systems using electromechanical actuators and human-machine interfaces such as pedal and steering feel emulators.

We provide fully-developed DbW technology, tried, tested, certified and ready for immediate use. There is a wide variety of versions of this intelligent drive-by-wire technology at your disposal.

All components are tested to ECE-R 13, ECE-R 79 and ECE-R 10. The system is also certified according to ISO 26262 ASIL D and manufactured according to the highest quality level: IPC-A-600 class 3. The system is approved for the international vehicle categories M1, M2, M3, N1, N2, N3. 

Active multiple redundancy applies to all components, which ensures that the roadworthiness of your individual DbW configuration is always guaranteed.

On custom orders we offer per request entire prototypes with integrated advanced laser, camera and radar sensors for semi- or fully autonomous driving.

The Drive by Wire technology offer additional advantages that will not only radically change automated driving, but also the driving and infrastructure of the future.

Vehicle controls via joystick, GPS, computer, smartphone, apps or from a remote location is no longer science fiction, but reality.