Autonomous vehicles

A vehicle is defined autonomous when it is capable of sensing its environment, and in relation to that, operate and manoeuvre with little or no human input.

Today a lot of research and development is focused on the autonomous vehicles, as this is a pioneer technology that will change the use of vehicles, our infrastructure, and our way of entitling transportation.

But the use of autonomous vehicles extends far out from the everyday vehicles that we all use today, and only the mind will be the limit for the infinite number of different applications where the technology can be used.

The technology enables the use of vehicles within dangerous situations and environments. The driver can control the vehicle from the outside, or even from a remote destination.

Thanks to the Drive by Wire technology and the installation of additional sensor systems, even semi-autonomous or completely autonomous driving is no longer a futuristic vision.

Vehicles can now manage to drive fully automatically in traffic; avoiding people, stopping at traffic lights or parking without any help whatsoever. This is without question the revolution that is going to hit the automotive industry.

We offer individual retrofitting sets for semi or fully automated driving for prototypes, experimental vehicles or other vehicles from the automotive industry, for example agricultural sector, mining industry or even the defence sector. We can provid combined packages consisting of sensors, robotics, software and the drive-by-wire system.