About us

Who we are.
Discover the Swedish innovative pioneer tech company, that create vehicle models and prototypes for the mobility of tomorrow.

Deaptech Solutions AB is based in the Swedish cultural heart of Dalecarlia, where we merge the primary factors of development, manufacturing and customer demands together, to execute unique projects with results that takes us all closer to the future or our dreams.

Our idea.
With our ability to combine knowledge, experience, revolutionary products and a futuristic mindset, we are and will be, a part of the future and coming technologies that will change the infrastructure and vehicles that we know today.

With our inventive and evolving solutions within the automotive technology, we get the world moving.

By offering everything from software, through electronics, to engineering and production, all under one roof, we are able to realize the projects that once where unthinkable.

Our staff
The company consist exclusively of headhunted staff with a very extensive experience within areas such as vehicle prototypes, product development, advanced vehicle adaptation, drive-by-wire technology, motorsport development and prototype engineering.

To become the company we are, and to be able to keep the pace of the world technology of today, we need to have the very best engineers in our team.

Our projects and the technology is important for our business, but one of our foundation cornerstones is to have a staff in constant personal development, with a true strive to continue being a part of the big change in mobility that are happening around us at this moment.

We are constantly looking for challenging projects and talented staff. We are always interested in hiring people with the right mindset and ambition. So, feel free to contact us if you think you’re the right person for us.

Our strength
Deaptech Solutions is a fast and flexible organisation with access to the latest technology, and the knowledge to use it.

Our projects are all unique, and we offer highly individual software and hardware solutions for complex applications such as technology for semi-automated or fully automated driving.

For us, one of the keys to success, is that everyone within a project is involved and personally engaged. We don’t see the projects as something we deliver to our customers, we see it like a journey we do together with our partners, to achieve the perfection and development we together aim for.